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About company

Regional Manufacturing Company cooperates with a wide range of Russian manufacturing enterprises operating in various industries. The company was formed in 2008, and during the following years it was able not only to take a confident position among the various suppliers of high-tech equipment, but also to establish itself as a reliable partner thanks to dozens of successfully completed orders. The work of our company is based on strong ties with a large number of foreign suppliers and Russian customers. Among the countries of suppliers with which our company works are Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, China, USA.
Regional Manufacturing Company, LLC is providing:

  • equipment installation and commissioning;

  • supply of high-precision machining, EDM, thermal, vacuum, measuring equipment, laser cutting machines; hydroabrasive cutting machines; test equipment (stands, temperature chambers, sensors).

  • implementation of a set of works on selection of production solutions for the purpose of re-equipment of production in accordance with the customer's specifications. A complete feasibility study is provided.

  • import-export operations for the supply of equipmentand financing of our projects;

  • organization of training of the Customer's personnel;

  • warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance and repair of equipment;

  • modernization, improvement and overhaul of equipment;

  • development of production technology of parts for CNC machines: software, selection and installation of tools, tooling, selection of equipment for manufactured parts;

  • production of parts from tolling raw materials according to Customer's drawings and requirements for turning, milling centers, cutting and laser cutting of copper, black and stainless steel, aluminum sheets.

We offer complete solutions and supply modern equipment for projects in key market segments.

Regional Production Company has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-tech equipment and demonstrates a steady growth in both the number of incoming orders and the number of our suppliers.

Regional Production Company is developing dynamically and in a balanced way, occupying a strong position in its segment in the Russian and foreign markets.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists. The knowledge gained while working at the leading enterprises of the country allows them to perform their work flawlessly. The company provides an individual approach to each customer and is always open to new proposals.

Always ready to cooperate!