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Regional Manufacturing Company, LLC is providing:

  • supply of high-precision machining, EDM, thermal, vacuum, measuring equipment, laser cutting machines; hydroabrasive cutting machines; test equipment (stands, temperature chambers, sensors).
  • implementation of a set of works on selection of production solutions for the purpose of re-equipment of production in accordance with the customer's specifications. A complete feasibility study is provided.
  • import-export operations for the supply of equipment
  • development of production technology of parts for CNC machines: software, selection and installation of tools, tooling, selection of equipment for manufactured parts;
  • installation of equipment and its commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service;
  • production of parts from tolling raw materials according to Customer's drawings and requirements for turning, milling centers, cutting and laser cutting of copper, black and stainless steel, aluminum sheets.

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The company has the opportunity to offer its customers a wide range of equipment that will not only help you solve the most complex technical problems, but also significantly increase the efficiency of Your production…

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